Utah - May 2013

In 2013, I was enrolled in a company course in Salt Lake City. I took this opportunity to bookend a weekend to explore the surrounding area to take some pictures. Unfortunately, I was in between seasons for getting up into the mountains. Three different times I tried only to get part way up and find a closed gate because the roads will still closed with snow on them. Never the less, I captured a few pictures south of Salt Lake City one day and on Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake the next.

East Provo Canyon Road

You will find references to pictures below on the above map. Most of this day was spent taking pictures along  East Provo Canyon Road (189) and 92. I then headed over to Park City but again could not get up into the mountains.

From East Provo Canyon Road

Bridle Veil Falls at Bridle Veil Park

Fisherman at Deer Creek State Park

On the road to Sundance

Antelope Island State Park

Fascinating island in the Great Salt Lake with salt flats lining it's shores yet live thrives here. For more details, see the Antelope Island State Park web page. Lots of hiking trails and few roads.

I think this is looking south over White
Rock Bay

An out-of-focus Antelope but I couldn't
get any closer. Only one I saw.

On the main road on the east side
of the island

At Fray Graveside

Bison roam freely and you have to
careful. They can charge and get up to
a good speed in a short distance.

Looking north-east from the east side
of the island